6 Months

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Feb 152013
6 Months

It was a memorable 6th month with my dad, as he spent 40 days of his vacation with me and preparing my paper work for Edinburgh stay.  He relished every minute with me and mom.  All these days he missed us so much and also he was planning for job change, I hope this 40 […]

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Moondram Pirai Seer

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Oct 202012
Moondram Pirai Seer

I am 2 months and 2 weeks old now and its time for Moondram Pirai Seer ( the third full moon day after my birth). Its the official welcome ceremony for me to visit my home in seman thottam from Vijay thatha’s house. The ceremony was conducted by aunties from dad’s side to Mom and myself  in Vijay […]

Sep 122012
My First Four Weeks

0-1 month: My first visit after being discharged from hospital was to my house at Semman Thottam, Pappanaicken palayam. I received a very warm welcome including my name (Sai Krishna) drawn with rice flour in the entrance and decorated with flowers. All my neighbours visited me with gifts and spent few hours with Rangu Thatha […]